Dali Erhai horse Jiuyi shop

Cloud Inn Dali Erhai horse Jiuyi store appearance of the building is in oil tankers for the appearance of the design concept, take the superposition of scattered form, so that each room facing Erhai are displayed in a three-dimensional painting eyes, inn has seventeen rooms, including two sea view suites, six sea view rooms, nineSeaview Room, every room has a story, such as: put heart flower road, a harmonious union lasting a hundred years, perfect conjugal bliss, exchange solemn vows and pledges......

Hotel style of the decoration to loft industrial style, American style, American style village, a large space, the sea view garden and a transparent glass roof deck, Jacuzzi, equipped with tea, coffee, bar, private kitchens, GiftGallery and other supporting services.

We will uphold the concept of family hospitality, the cloud way into an old friend's home party! I am in Cangshan,near Erhai, wine brewing, waiting for you to come, go to a romantic themes!